You're here for a reason! 
  • You're overwhelmed by which ‘diet’ is best for you?
  • Your energy levels or sleep are “meh” (or worse!)?
  • You're worried about the impact of daily chemicals on your health?
  • ​Your doctor tells you everything is ‘normal’ but you aren’t Flourishing?!
"You’re managing family, career, life PLUS changing the world” 


Money is tight, time is even tighter! 

You don’t have time to Flourish yourself...WRONG!

Should you be Keto? Paleo? Vegan? Eat 20 meals a day? Fast? What about supplements? Superfoods? Sleep? Ahhh so many different messages - how does one figure out what is best for them?

We know exactly how you are feeling because we have been there! While studying in Naturopathic Medicine college and trying to DIY her own health, Dr. Aisling was once taking over 40 different health products per day!
There is a better way!
 Our team of health experts have come together to help you navigate your health journey and start Flourishing.
Dr. Aisling's Story
I didn’t believe I was worth investing in. It’s true, I said it. Dr. Aisling Lanigan had the limiting belief that I couldn’t afford the time and money to see a Naturopathic Doctor and instead, I tried to DIY it. The problem was every supplement I learned about in school I would think ‘oh yes I need this’ - hence how I ended up taking 40 pills a day at one time! Plus every new diet I studied seemed like it was the perfect solution to ‘fix’ me but when I tried it I usually just felt hangry, yes hangry = hungry + angry, a lethal combination.

I did visit my OHIP covered family doctor and got blood work done but she just told me that everything was ‘normal’. Don’t get me wrong I am very thankful for our medical system but it is not designed to support people to optimize their health in the way I was searching for.

 I was frustrated, defeated and I needed HELP!
I stopped trying to treat myself.
I started working with a Naturopathic Doctor and…
I finally began to Flourish!
And this was only the beginning of my health journey!
Are you ready to start Flourishing your health WITHOUT
Wasting your 
precious time?
Don’t do it, don’t spend hours scrolling through those ‘too perfect to be real’ influencers pages about how this protein powder made them a magical unicorn. You will just end up feeling bad about yourself (and probably buy the gross tasting crummy 
protein powder!)  
Wasting your 
hard-earned money?
Stop yourself from wasting your money on another ‘energy boosting’ supplement or eye cream which promises to make you look like you actually get some sleep! It is time to start investing in Y-O-U! 
your mind?
What are they doing that I am missing?

Is there something wrong with me?

Am I broken?

Should I just accept that this is the best I can feel?

Should I just give up?

Flourishing Foundations is a 4 step, one-month/ flexible timeline online program for anyone who is ready to stop just surviving and start thriving!

Our mission is to support you to achieve your peak level of physical and mental health so you can go on to make an impact on the world!

After treating thousands of patients just like you, Dr. Aisling recognized that there are several key elements to health that every person needs to establish before they can Flourish.

Flourishing Foundations will teach you how to most effectively eat, sleep and live to optimize your health.

Everything crumbles without a solid foundation, your health is no exception!
So what can you expect from
Learn how to eat for YOUR body
Learn which foods work best for your specific body PLUS what schedule of eating is for you. Your personalized nutrition plan will lay the groundwork for achieving your health goals such as lowering inflammation, reducing disease risk or even improving 
your fertility!
Increase your 
Start hacking your sleep to properly recharge your batteries. Understand the impact of certain nutrients and hormones on your energy level and bust that “meh” 7/10 way you have been feeling for way too long!
Kick the 
Understand which household chemicals are messing with your hormones, causing your allergies, increasing your cancer risk and reducing your fertility! Get them out of your food, cosmetics, cleaning products and your life!
What You Will Learn...
Week 1: Fueling to Flourish
Finally learn how to eat for YOUR specific body! Understand the optimal foods to fuel you to achieve your dreams and those which are creating inflammation and holding you back. Create a customized nutritional plan which is not a diet but instead a new lifestyle!
You will learn and create:
  • Dr. Aisling Lanigan will guide you on your journey of exploration to determine the foods which work best for you and what style of eating is most suited to your needs and health goals.
  • Nutritionist Lauren Naderi will make it easy for you with shopping lists, recipes, and meals plans.
  • As an added bonus Lauren will lead a virtual cooking class to teach you her favourite recipes to Flourish!
Week 2: Endless Energy
You know that Energizer Bunny in your life? The person who seems to have an endless battery?? That could be you! Dr. Melissa Descoteaux is going to share the secrets to optimizing your energy so you can start living the good life!
You will learn and create:
  • ​How to hack your sleep so you can recharge and wake up refreshed!
  • ​Understand your individual hydration needs and how to take your water to the next level
  • ​Access our daily checklist to start implementing the Flourish Method to Endless Energy every day! 
Week 3: Healthy Home Detox 
Are you ready to lengthen your lifetime by reducing your chemical burden? Did you know that there are easily avoidable chemicals in our cleaning products, cosmetics and even dishware?! These toxins can increase disease risk and contribute to fatigue, respiratory, hormonal and even skin problems!?
You will learn and create:
  • Dr. Katie Black will guide you through a top to bottom home detox and teach you the foundations of clean L-I-V-I-N’!
  • You will get The Flourishing Home Checklist outlining the worst health offending chemicals to avoid.
  • PLUS we will share our toxin-free favourite products and easy DIY solutions to limit chemical exposure for you, your family or your future family! 
Week 4: Flourishing Forever!
Flourishing Foundations does not end after a month, life only gets better! Acupuncturist and Yogi, Queenly Lee, will guide you towards achieving a mindset of abundance through mediation and acupressure. Dr. Aisling will break down your next steps to continue on the journey of Flourishing Your Health!
You will learn and receive:
  • ​The 5 yoga postures you need to add to your daily routine to bring calm, focus and energize your body and mind!
  • How to DIY a daily acupressure treatment to find your zen and focus your energy. 
  • Dr. Aisling’s checklist for the most essential blood work (with optimal versus normal ranges!!!) to Flourish Your Health!
How you will Flourish
Acupressure and Yoga poses to hack your sleep and centre your life!

Learn about Natural Health Products
Understand the most important blood work to Flourish Your Health!
Know which foods are right for your individual body.
Learn what to look for in cosmetics and cleaning products to reduce your toxic burden!

Access Scrumptious Snacks Cooking Masterclass by Flourish’s Nutritionist Lauren Naderi!
Learn how to make healthy eating easy AND delicious! 
You’re ready to Flourish!
Need MORE to start Flourishing? We got you! 
Bonus #1: Pelvic Health Masterclass with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Pooja Patel

Pooja is the head of our Pelvic Health Division at Flourish and she will demystify your pelvic floor so you know what’s normal, what’s not and what is possible with optimal pelvic floor health…How about no more running to the washroom, painful sex, peeing your pants, easier childbirth and faster postpartum recovery??

 Bonus #2: Scrumptious Snacks Cooking Class with Flourish Nutritionist Lauren Naderi 

Our amazing nutritionist Lauren Naderi takes you through step by step how how to solve your snack dilemma with Scrumptious Snacks Cooking Class!

Bonus #3: Flourish Yoga Masterclass with Queenly Lee 

Flourish’s Acupuncturist and Yogi Queen will guide you through a half-hour Yoga, Acupressure, and Meditation Masterclass. Throw on your stretchy pants and get ready to move and breathe with intention!

Week 1: Fueling to Flourish value $600
Week 2: Endless Energy value $300
Week 3: Healthy Home Detox value $300
Week 4: Flourishing Forever! Value $600

Meal Plan, Shopping List, Swaps Guide: $200

Bonus: # 1  Pelvic Health Masterclass with Pooja Patel $200
Bonus: # 2 Cooking class with Lauren Naderi $200
Bonus: #3 Yoga Masterclass with Queenly Lee $100

Total Value $2500
Your Price today only $297.00
(one time payment)
“Wanted to share my support for Dr Aisling Lanigan. I have seen her previous to her starting Flourish and she is amazing. Looks like I'm going to have to travel a little to continue my appointments.... totally worth it.”  - Diane Soares 
“THE BEST! I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Lanigan, she is helping me tremendously! Without question the best naturopath in Toronto !”

“I've seen Dr. Lanigan for only a few visits but the care and attention she pays to what you are saying and what your concerns definitely put you at ease. She is very friendly and easy to open up to. I have another appointment with her next week and can't wait to let her know I'm pregnant :)”

“My visit with Dr. Lanigan has been amazing! My husband and I were having fertility issues and with her help, we have been able to have a baby! I would recommend Dr. Lanigan to anyone looking to see a Naturopath”
Take the first step!
Move from feeling fine (or worse!) to Flourishing!
The Health Experts at Flourish curated Flourishing Foundations after recognizing that there are several key elements that every one of their patients needed to establish before they could reach their peak level of health. Never before have 5 leading health professionals come together to bring you the ultimate program to accelerate your health and your life!
Can I do this program if I have a pre-existing health problem? 
Flourishing Foundations is for everyone!
It is customizable to any health concern and is likely to improve your health problem (if you have one!)
Should I wait to do this program if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Do NOT wait!
Flourishing Foundations is 100% safe for pregnant and-or breastfeeding women and will likely help to optimize nutrition and sleep which are key for pregnancy and milk supply!
What is the time 
investment for this program?
We get it! Time is the most valuable resource! Flourishing Foundations was designed for you to watch one 1 hour webinar each week for 4 weeks.
Our experts will lead you through a transformational experience that will require you to invest time in yourself each week during the program and beyond!
Do I have to follow the one month schedule? Can I access the recordings later?
We encourage you to follow the one-month schedule to get the full experience. However, we completely understand that sometimes life gets in the way. You will be able to experience the seminar recordings and all program material in your own timeframe.
Is the program interactive? Can I ask questions to the health experts?
YES! You will be added to a private Facebook group only for Flourishing Foundations participants where you can ask any questions and share tips with other Flourishers!
You are ready to Flourish and now is the time
to be first to experience Flourishing Foundations!
Over $2500 value for only $297 
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