Flourishing Fertility Method
Learn which foods to eat to optimize fertility for both women and men!
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Foods to optimize female fertility

Foods to optimize male fertility

Lifestyle factors to improve both male and female fertility
Dr. Aisling Lanigan
Naturopathic Doctor | Flourish Owner
Hi, I'm Dr. Aisling Lanigan
I started Flourish because I believe with all of my being that we can have it all as women: we can be mothers, partners, sisters, friends; but we can only do this when we feel amazing, not fine, not 7/10, only when we are flourishing! 

My vision was to create a beautiful physical and online space where women can be fully supported by experts of many different fields of women’s health, working together to provide the highest level of patient care. 

After I had my first baby, I wished that all of my allied healthcare appointments were available in one place rather than driving all over the city. This is what I have created at Flourish. A one stop for all of the essentials a woman needs to flourish her health. 

My reason for being away from my kids, the passion which drives me, is to support women to get pregnant, flourish throughout their pregnancy and return to their former glory and then some as mothers. 

I am a power mama and I want to create, support and uplift the power mama - even if their babies are adults, it is never too late to flourish! 

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